The Las Vegas Strip, nightlife and Michael Jackson!

As I previously mentioned in my blog “Vibrant hues of the desert”, the surrounding desert enthralled us with her beauty. Lake Mead with her purple bluish hue against the desert sand seemed like a postcard or a beautiful painting, the Valley of Fire was serene and calm but it was time to enjoy the real Las Vegas and have some adult fun. We stayed on the strip and often gawked at the lights on our way to places, but now we were ready for some exploration by foot. Each night for most of our trip we spent time on the strip.

Our flight landed in Las Vegas around 8:30 in the evening. Although we were tired from working all day, the energy of Vegas energized us. We began our Vegas adventure by visiting the Fremont Street Experience. The Fremont Street Experience was simply amazing and crazy. It packed twice the fun of the strip, live music show, changing overhead lights, dancers on tables, R rated nuns showing their breasts, men dressed as women, and women dressed as men, and drunk dancers. If all this was not Vegas enough, there were some very talented street dancers breakdancing, locking and popping all for free. We spent close to three hours enjoying the live music, watching people act crazy and just enjoying the ambience. The Fremont Street packed doubled the fun the strip offered as said by a Las Vegas resident, and was the perfect welcome for a Las Vegas virgin like me.

The next day began with a scrumptious breakfast buffet at Mandalay bay where we were staying. I am not big on the American breakfast, and often order eggs and sausage for breakfast. I was expecting to eat eggs and sausage, but was shocked to see food besides the traditional breakfast food. Needless to say, I ate lots. Our day was jam-packed. We were going to explore the desert, after which we were going to see Michael Jackson’s One. I have been a MJ fan since I was born. I am told I slept to his songs as a toddler. I was shattered when Michael died, so I was looking forward to this show. In fact, it was one of the reasons I finally made my way to Vegas. The show was spectacular. We got first row seats which was exciting. The show began with his gloves and shoes, the dancers especially the guy who did a solo act and moonwalked were amazing. He seemed to be a rejuvenated MJ. The surprise holographic appearance of Michael himself was an emotional moment for an ardent fan like me. I had my goose bump inducing moment when he appeared. We were starving and ended the day at a French Restaurant named Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Paris. The food was good and perfect end to a beautiful yet exhausting day.

Day 3 was dedicated to the strip. We walked the strip and the casinos. I have heard people rave about Las Vegas and the strip. I had my hopes high. While it was beautiful, it looked like the many movies I watched like hang over.  We watched the David Copperfield show at MGM Grand and were rather excited to see our first live magic show. We were seated and were lucky to get front row seats again. While most people would have been excited to get front row seats, I was nervous. I had seen magicians call upon the audience to help with the tricks. I was too shy to go on stage for something like that and I did not want to be called on help with the trick. Each time he picked someone from the audience, I felt my nervousness increase. I swore I would do whatever it takes to not go on stage, even if I needed to pretend to faint. Luckily, my luck worked in my favor and I was not called upon. We walked the strip and watched the Bellagio fountains which were beautiful and took several pictures. We had dinner at Aria. We hoped to reach Caesars for the much anticipated buffet but were lost and famished. When asked, someone told us we would have to take a train to Caesars. We were hungry from all the strip walking and desperately needed food and rest.  So Aria Casino won the food lottery. While it was good, it was nothing to rave about besides the price. We decided to go chill out at Fremont street experience again. We stayed at Fremont Street for three hours and eventually called it a day. We were partied out!

We were leaving Vegas on day four but had about six hours to kill. We went shopping to a nearby outlet mall after having my favorite buffet breakfast at Mandalay bay. We visited the Siegfried & Roy’s secret garden at Mirage. They had Dolphins, white tigers, white lions and bunch of cubs. It was cuteness overload to say the least. While everyone told me Las Vegas was perfect for a crazy person like me, I did not expect to have so much fun in Vegas. Michael Jackson’s One made me nostalgic and David Copperfield made me realize how amazing magic can be even if you can decode some tricks. The movies might have spoiled the strip for me, but the deserts enthralled me with their beauty. The clubs may not have been my cup of tea, but Fremont Street Experience was perfect for the wild child in me. Michael Jackson’s One and Fremont Street Experience were by far my most favorite things to do in Las Vegas.

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