Another Amazing adventure filled year bites the dust!

I wrote this post on December 30th 2015…

Another year of conquering the world has come to an end.  The travel bug first bit me in 2008 when I accepted a job that required of me to travel every week to Seattle. My co workers told me I would hate traveling but the opposite happened. A girl who battled motion sickness all her life, who absolutely hated the journey fell in love miles above ground. For the first time in my life, the journey intrigued me as much as the destination. The hours in cramped up airplanes exhilarated me, the long lines and security checks added to the journey…although I have to admit, immigration at US port of entry still scares the life out of me!


In 2015, I conquered South/Central America. As a young child in India, I had read about the Panama Canal. I hoped someday I would visit the Canal but sitting in my house in India, it seemed far fetched. A girl can dream and some of those dreams do come true. Early 2015, I visited the Panama Canal and watched the Canal functioning in all its grandeur. The pages of my book could do no justice to the engineering marvel which fed to the nerd in me. It was a dream come true!


In June 2015, I visited Quito and Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. I have been a science fanatic my entire life. Rightly, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was a part of my childhood years. It was a fairy tale to the young, innocent me. As I walked through Galapagos Islands, I marveled at nature. I learned to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and I am fortunate to have had the experience to visit Galapagos Islands.


The greatest achievement of 2015 has been my new travel buddy- my eight month old German Shepherd Zed. He has made every journey worthwhile and filled with adventure.
Traveling continues to intrigue me. I still hope someday I can write and work for a travel magazine where conquering the horizons becomes my occupation. It remains a dream but as Paulo Coelho says “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” so the girl in me continues to dream because 2015 taught me that dreams do come true!

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