The Lesser Known Seattle

Long before I enjoyed the journey, Seattle was one of my initial travel conquests. I spent close to a year in Seattle traveling every Monday from San Jose, California and flying back on Friday. While most of those weeks were spent in the office working, I occasionally spent weekends in Seattle exploring the city known for its Space Needle. My husband flew out on a Friday to explore the city with me amidst the lush greenery and trickling rain drops.


We began our exploration by taking the Seattle duck tour. For people who aren’t aware of the duck tour, it is a bus that can go on both water and land. The tour took us through the streets of Seattle introducing us to some of the must see sights, lesser known coffee shops and the famous Metropolitan Steakhouse which played host to the famous scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Meg Ryan met Tom Hanks. As an ardent Meg Ryan- Tom Hanks movie fans, my heart shrieked in pure joy. Weeks later I went to the famous Metropolitan Steakhouse for a dinner with my co workers and found myself replaying those moments from the movie in my head.


When I first traveled to Seattle, I was warned about the incessant rainfall. Thankfully I love the rain and was one of the aspects I missed about India. We had four months of rainfall, and I have never loved a season as much as the rainy season back home. While Seattle gets rained on, there is greenery and parks everywhere which makes Seattle one of the fittest cities in America. A day after Seattle was rained on, my husband and I embarked on our first park- Washington Park Arboretum. The park was big with several trails, picnic areas, and a small beach against the Seattle skyline. We happened to choose a day when the park was marshy. Our shoes were caked with sand making it challenging to walk the park, but that made the journey so much more fun.


Seattle has several well known spots like the Space Needle, museums which I will chronicle in my next blog posting. This blog is about the hidden gems in Seattle and Levenworth about 2-2.5 hours from Seattle was an absolute treasure. The town is hidden amidst snow capped mountains and as you drive through to Levenworth, you are encrusted with snow and scenic landscape all around. The Bavarian town is like a town up a mountain, pristine and serene. There are small stores and restaurants everywhere. We walked around and had the best hot dog ever in Levenworth!


Seattle is exceptionally close to my heart for reasons beyond travel. I am an absolute foodie and the way to my heart is through my stomach. Since I was traveling for work, I stayed in a hotel and ate out every day for one year. I have been to the El Goucho (an extremely expensive steakhouse where the steak melts in your mouth) to a mom and pop mexican place with no yelp review. I have never been disappointed. Each time my palette has been satisfied making Seattle my favorite place to eat out at!



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