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On the Beaches of Praslin Island, Seychelles

Praslin in Seychelles is a small island with exquisite beaches that are often featured on the best beaches of the world. In addition to the Coco de Mer in Valle de Mai, the beaches in Praslin often bring tourists to the islands. When we decided on Seychelles, we were looking for an island to relax on and with no temptations of crazy hikes. Praslin won the lottery for those reasons.

After two days of walking, we decided to spend the rest of our week exploring beaches in Praslin. While we chose public transportation for some of our exploration, it required planning since the buses went to our hotel every hour or so. We decided to rent a car to explore the beaches so we wouldn’t have to time our beach day. On a bright and warm Seychelles morning, we began our beach exploration with the Anse Lazio beach. Anse Lazio is one of the best beaches situated in the northwest of Praslin. After parking our car, we trekked our way to the beach.  Fairly secluded, the road made way to beautiful expanse of blue water against white sand.  I cannot swim and when people hear I am going to the islands, they wonder what I could be doing at the beach. While I get my feet wet, and being Indian I don’t really need to sunbathe for a tan, I enjoy the beauty ahead of me. I try to capture God’s creation through my lens and in through my eyes. I make a snapshot of the beauty in my heart and head forever. Anse Lazio was my muse and I captured every corner of the beach through my lens. We ended our day at PK restaurant where we had the best Creole food.

In addition to Anse Lazio, we visited various beaches in Seychelles such as Cote D’Or. Sometimes it was a conscious decision to visit a specific beach, and sometimes we just stumbled upon an expanse of water that was too beautiful to resist. Seychelles provided several moments that were almost inexplicable. The islands have the best beaches I have ever seen in my life, and I am so glad I chose to end our couplehood with Seychelles before we began our journey into parenthood. Seychelles allowed me to relax with her sun and sand, amazing food and the warmth of the people.  I don’t know what Paradise if like, but Seychelles is the closest I have been to paradise on earth.



Praline Island, Seychelles & Coco De Mer

Seychelles, an island between Africa and India has always been on my top two travel destination barring Switzerland. When my husband and I decided to get married, Seychelles was one of the first destinations we looked at for our honeymoon. As new college grads, Seychelles was way more than we could afford. So in June 2016 when we decided to travel to India to pick up our new daughter, Seychelles was our vacation destination before we go from a family of three to four. On a warm June afternoon, we began our long journey to India. We would then take two more flights from India to Seychelles. We chose this route because it seemed more economical since it was cheaper to travel to Seychelles from India than from California.


Upon reaching Bangalore in India at 4:00AM, we realized someone mistook our baggage for theirs. In all the chaos and commotion, we missed our flight to Seychelles and spent 10 hours in Bangalore airport waiting for our next flight. The guy who took our luggage returned it at some point in the 10 hours making it totally worthwhile. We were on our way to Seychelles finally. Upon reaching Mahe in Seychelles, we had to take a ferry to Praslin, our island. I was thankful to my husband for insisting I take my motion sickness pill because that ferry ride was no joke. I sat there watching victim after victim fall to motion sickness, all the while praying I survive the ride. We finally arrived in Praslin amidst deep blue water and green lushness. I am not sure what Paradise looks like, but this was the closest I had ever been to one. The only other place I can think of that looked so beautiful was the Dominica islands.


We made our way to the Coco de Mer Black Parrot Suites hotel and were welcomed by a much needed drink. Thus began our expedition of Seychelles. We began our adventure by walking almost 2 hours to the city to buy some water and withdraw some Seychelles money. In spite of getting baked in the hot sun during our walk, the beauty around us made every step worthwhile. We returned back to our hotel, battled some major heat exhaustion for another day but it was the perfect beginning to our adventure.


Praslin Islands are home to the famous Coco de Mer which call the Valle De Mai Natural reserve home. Coco De Mer, sea coconut or double coconut is  funky looking coconut that was found at the bottom of the sea. Inherit to Seychelles and islands around there, Valle De Mai is the only reserve in the world that still has Coco de Mer trees. One can find tour guides in the reserve, and it is a good idea to take a tour as they explain how the coco de mer is fertilized and how pollination happens between the male and the female.  
The Praslin Island is a beautiful and pristine island with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In the coming weeks, I will write a blog posting about the several beaches we visited in Praslin, Seychelles.



A New Journey Begins…!

Every relationship is the beginning of a new journey. At fourteen years of age, I wanted to begin a journey to adopt a baby. I knew then that it would be the greatest journeys I would embark on. I never did then, but the desire continued to grow with me until three years back when my husband and I signed on the dotted lines to begin our adoption journey. This past month I traveled to Seychelles and India with my husband for a month. This adventure signaled my life coming full circle. While adoption held my heart strings at fourteen, Seychelles tickled my imagination just as much. I remember watching Miss World/Universe on TV in India and seeing the amazing beauty of Seychelles. I knew then if there was one place on earth I could visit, I would choose Seychelles. It was a week in paradise and the perfect end to being just the two of us.


After a week in paradise, my husband and I traveled to India. India is and will always be home. There is a serenity and peace that India fills me with. No matter where I go or where my address might reside, India is home. But this trip was even more special. After years of wondering who she is, or what she might look like, we found our new travel buddy in our 11 month old daughter, M. She is feisty, adventurous and crazy just like us. And thus began a new journey. We are now a crazy travel foursome, my husband, Zed our puppy, M and I. Stay tuned for our adventures in Seychelles and India in the coming weeks.